Reservation Road: Past Modal - Should - Expressing Regrets

This is a shocking scene that pictures a common current event in our society. Hit and run. I chose it to practice expressing regrets using past modal verbs. The movie is really interesting and the ending is great. I recommend it.

A. Talk to a partner:

1. Have you ever witnessed a car accident? What happened?

2. Is traffic a problem where you live? Explain it.

3. Are traffic laws too strict, too lenient or just fair? Justify your answer.

4. What can be done to improve the traffic flow and prevent accidents?

5. What is hit and run? What should the punishment be in that kind of accident?

6. What about drinking and driving?

B. Watch the video segment and read the items below. Check the characters' wrong decisions.

( ) 1. The boy didn't fasten his seatbelt.

( ) 2. The family stopped at a gas station.

( ) 3. The driver answered his cell phone while he was driving.

( ) 4. Josh's parents left him by himself too close to the main road.

( ) 5. The driver didn't stop to rescue the victim.

( ) 6. The driver lied to his son about the accident.

C. Rewrite the sentences you checked expressing regrets. Use should + have + past participle in your sentences.


Answer key:


1. The boy should have fastened his seatbelt.
2. The family shouldn't have stopped...
3. The driver shouldn't have answered...
4. Josh's parents shouldn't have left him...
5. The driver should have stopped...
6. The driver shouldn't have lied...

How to prepare your own video activity:
- Select a scene in which the characters perform actions they regret.
- Select a few of their wrong decisions.
- Have students check the ones that the characters might regret
- Ask the students to write down sentences expressing regrets using the past modal should