School of Rock: Reported Speech

School of Rock rocks! This is a great movie and teachers will enjoy it a lot. The teacher has to learn how to deal with these students. He does it in a very unusual way. I used the scene for reported speech.

Discuss the following questions with a partner:

1) What should the ideal school be like?

2) Tell your partner about a class you will never forget.

3) Who is your favorite teacher? Justify your answer with examples.

Watch the following video segment and decide who said each of the following lines:

The Teacher

A Student

1) My dad won’t let me. __________

2) What’s your name? ___________

3) I only play piano. ____________

4) This is a bass guitar. __________

5) Are there any drummers in the house? _____________

6) I play percussion. ____________

7) Is this a school project? _________

8) What’s the prize? ________

9) Can we tell our parents?__________

10) Who can sing? ________

11) I can sing. _________

Now rewrite the sentences, using reported speech:


1) A student said that his dad wouldn’t let him.

2) The teacher asked what his name was.

3) A student said he only played piano.

Prepare your own video activity on Reported Speech:

• Choose an attractive movie segment with several characters

• Decide which verb tenses you want to assess

• Select a few lines from the segment with the target structures

• Students check which characters said them in the segment

• Students come up with indirect speech statements