Transformers 4 Chicago Filming Going Out With Bang, New Vid and Galleries

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Transformers: Age of Extinction's Chicago leg of principle photography is planning to go out with a literal bang. The crew will return to the South Damen Avenue abandoned silo for what their source called the "mother of all bombs". While the site will probably not be open the public, it still might be visible from a distance. Meanwhile, filming this weekend including a car flipping into a bus with other filming at the South Wacker Drive location being used as a China street. The vids below shows some smaller pyrotechnics and cars flipping for a seen further down from the bus's location.

In addition a few new pics of a Chevrolet Suburban chasing the Pagani and Freightliner suggests the return of the Decepticon Dreads from Dark of the Moon. Rather then repeat that sequence I am more inclined to think it is Harold Attinger's soldiers. Last, cmraseye has posted another 50 pics from various Chicago TF4 sets over the last month up on his flickr account. You can find those new images here. Thanks to Wynton R. and Jeffrey Marshall for the links.
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