Images and Video from Transformers 4 Car Through Bus Stunt, New Cast Pic

On Saturday, Transformers 4 filming continued in Chicago, Illinois at South Wacker Drive and West Monroe Street for a stunt that involved sending a car through a bus. As the video and great images from cmraseye show the location seems to be for events set in China as the bus is covered in Victoria's Secret models and Chinese characters as is the surrounding set pieces. The particulars of the piece show "pyro horns" set inside the bus that get ignited as the car is tossed through it. My guess is a sizable robot is doing the flinging. The second set of pictures are other images cmraseye posted but not entirely sure if they were from Saturday's filming. The last image is a new official picture posted on of the core cast of Mark Walhberg, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor as they pose in nonsensical ways in front of an abandoned gas station. If interested in more pics from Saturday's filming, The Chicago Tribune has posted their own images here. Thanks to Jeffrey Marshall for the heads-up and Colin H. for the video and links.

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